Striptease in Krasnoyarsk. The view from the inside.

In Krasnoyarsk the first strip clubs appeared in early 2000. Despite the fact that almost 20 years have passed, the attitude of public opinion to them has not changed. There are still tales and rumors about the debauchery and Vice that accompanies these institutions.

Many people see the Striptease as something immoral and unethical. Fortunately, there is a large audience of those who consider Striptease art, and someone sports. Now among young girls Pole dance (pole dance) is very popular. This dancing form combines sexuality, plastic and good physical shape.

A strip club is not just a business- it is an atmosphere of celebration and ease, it is a real art, such as theater or ballet. Striptease is not vulgar movements, but the art of erotic dance and of course, good communication. For man, it is important how the girl moves, how she communicates and how she looks. Striptease can’t get sexual satisfaction.  Striptease gets only a dream, fantasy and a hint of her performance.

Traditionally men are considered to be the regulars of strip clubs, but these stereotypes are outdated. Today, women  are happy to watch the show program and actively choose services from the Crazy-menu. Significantly increased the number of couples attending strip clubs, especially where there are no services of an intimate nature.

For couples, the atmosphere involved in eroticism, sensuality and sexuality is an erotic theater of action and every day there are more and more such visitors. Unfortunately, now the reputation of Striptease is tarnished and there are clubs that under the guise of" Striptease" work as brothels. These places hurt the reputation of the Striptease, and the profession as a whole. The task of our private club "ZANOZA" to show all guests how to work in this industry without offering sex services. Get great pleasure from the action and involvement.  Since our club is not large, it seems that everything happens here only for you, the only one!!!

Our fundamental difference from other clubs of Krasnoyarsk that we position a classical Striptease. Dancers who want to earn on sex, will not work in our club "ZANOZA", where it is strictly prohibited. All the staff and girls are not shy to say that they work in "Zanoza". For us it is important with what feelings and mood of the girl come to work. We respect and appreciate each individual and the whole team.