Work for girls in the strip club "ZANOZA" Krasnoyarsk.

Many girls quite frivolously think about the work of a dancer in a strip club, believing that it is enough to be pretty and bold. To work in a strip club "ZANOZA", the girl needs to be prepared for the fact that her appearance and manners in the near future will change for the better. There are certain conditions that are almost mandatory in all strip clubs.

The girl must be well-groomed, it should be perfect: perfect manicure and pedicure, expressive makeup, hair with a neat styling. Tan looks very sexy, it makes the skin smooth and glossy.

Appearance dancer - this is the case when you need a lot of shine and rhinestones. Costumes should be bright, sparkling, but elegant black dresses also look decent. In order that the girl could move freely, clothes should be chosen special from the extending materials. All costumes should be easily and quickly removed, so that the 

numerous fasteners and buttons will not work.

As for the costume for the strip, the main rule – less clothes. However, jewelry in the form of necklaces, beads, bracelets on the contrary it is desirable to use! The rings, and during work are better off, they will be uncomfortable and also it's not safe. Striptease shoes are high-heeled shoes. In such shoes the dancers of the Royal posture. Well, at the end of the image do not forget about the languid look, smile, good mood and of course, sincere emotions. Men always feel false, and are unlikely to want to communicate with such a girl. The guest will subconsciously choose the dancer from whom the energy of purity and sincerity comes.

This work makes girls more confident and independent, you will learn to understand men better and gain financial freedom, freedom of choice and a lot of opportunities.

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