Striptease history - strip club "ZANOZA" Krasnoyarsk

The History Of Striptease

Striptease means erotic, slow dance, during which the dancer gradually undresses.

The home strip is France. It was in this country of love, in Paris, on the stage of the well-known Moulin Rouge February 9, 1893 during a party organized by Paris students, during an improvised beauty contest, an unknown dancer during the dance threw off her clothes. For her daring act, she was arrested and had to pay a fine of 100 francs. So "mother stripper" for the first time does not work for the money. But the unusual exciting dance gained popularity, it began to be performed more and more often.

Over time, the technique of dance was improved, the original artistic design of the number was added, the actor's play and feelings were laid. Intriguing and elegant costumes were made by the rooms of the girls very exciting.

Striptease has become an art, a hymn of beauty, sexuality and sensuality!