Bachelorette party “Ladies First!”

Bachelorette party “Ladies First!” Bachelor party for the groom is good. But what should brides do? Sad at home alone? Of course not! Say a loud "goodbye “ to these stereotypes: in” ZANOZA" everything is possible! Your Bachelorette party can be absolutely anything, we will take into account all wishes and make beautiful, stylish and unforgettable

Themed costume party? Easy!

The best presenters and artists from ballet to stand-up? Please!

A walk down the runway in the entourage of a real fashion show? Why not!

By the way, the master class on erotic dance as a gift to the bride from "Zanoza" is a great contribution to your future family happiness ;)

Bachelorette party in private club "Zanoza" - this is what you need to experience in life at least once! And let the guys continue to brag about their stag parties -we know what a real fun can look like!

Bachelorette party in private club "ZANOZA" is:

  • The embodiment of all your ideas and fantasies;
  • Exclusive show program;
  • The best dancers and dancers, male Striptease, presenters and artists;
  • Stylish interior;
  • Luxury bar; 
  • Private party, no outsiders — according to your desire.

Remember your bachelorette party of a lifetime – the boys won't know! :)

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All visitors to the club are guaranteed strict confidentiality, so everything that happens in the club, remains only in the club.