В воскресенье 10 ноября 2019 года Федерация шахмат Красноярского края провела шахматный турнир в непривычной обстановке – в окружении очаровательных танцовщиц стриптиза.

С предложением провести турнир в Красноярскую шахматную Федерацию обратилось руководство стриптиз-клуба «Заноза». Задачи турнира организаторы определили как популяризация шахматного спорта, укрепление спортивных и дружеских связей, а также повышение спортивного мастерства участников.

Striptease in Krasnoyarsk. The view from the inside.

The first strip clubs appeared in Krasnoyarsk at the beginning of 2000. Despite the fact that almost 20 years have passed, public opinion towards them has not changed. Until now, there are stories and rumors about the debauchery and vice that accompanies these institutions.

Work for girls in the strip club "ZANOZA" Krasnoyarsk.

Many girls think rather flippantly about the work of a dancer in a strip club, considering that it is enough to be pretty and courageous. But alas and ah! To work in a strip club "ZANOZA" of Krasnoyarsk, the girl needs to be prepared for the fact that her appearance and manners in the near future will change for the better. There are certain conditions that are practically mandatory in all strip clubs.

Bachelorette party “Ladies First!”

Bachelorette party “Ladies First!”
Bachelor party for the groom is good. But what should brides do? Sad at home alone?
Of course not! Say a loud "goodbye “ to these stereotypes: in” ZANOZA" everything is possible!


Elite girls of Krasnoyarsk in the strip club Zanoza

Elite girls in ZANOZA
   Girls for every taste, skinny and with amazing shapes, luxurious and plastic - strip club Zanoza will offer the most beautiful night time in Krasnoyarsk! Charming dances on the pylon, piercing privat, erotic show with costumes - we will offer a program that will allow you to forget and relax. You can get rid of all the nervous tension and give vent to fantasies and men's pleasures. Our girls are in the taste of real gentlemen - status and strong.

Strip in vip room with karaoke

Striptease in the VIP room
Maximum pleasure, new sensations and positive emotions, passion, fire and burning fantasies: VIP ROOM in the CLEANING is an opportunity to find a one-of-a-kind, exciting beauty and experience true pleasure from the moments.
The room in the strip bar is a place where you can retire. You used the same format with your desires. All you need is what you forgot, relaxed 100% and ended up in a soft chair, watching a sensual show. The VIP room is a place for those who value themselves and love the piquant sensations.